Over the years, I’ve gained experience in many aspects of communications. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact me anyway. If I can’t help you, I’ll direct you to someone who can. My mission is to help you meet your communications goals.

Article Writing

  • Feature articles: I write features highlighting important trends in many industries. I fully investigate each topic to provide a well-researched article incorporating insight from industry professionals.
  • News articles: I’m a trained journalist, so I understand the ethics and principles of reporting. I can produce researched, ethical and unbiased articles on tight deadlines.
  • Blogs: I can produce fun and quick blog posts on a variety of topics according to your unique style.
  • Advertorials: Because I’m a journalist, I know how to subtly market your products or services in an informative article.


  • Proofreading: Let me take that extremely close look at your content to ensure everything is 100 percent correct. I’ll hone in on spelling and punctuation, as well as small details such as page numbers and photo captions/credits.
  • Copyediting:  I have experience editing entire publications, single articles and various marketing materials. I can help determine proper sentence structures and make sure all content flows in the best way to reach your audience.


  • Press releases: As a journalist and editor, I know what editors of print and online publications want to publish, increasing the chance that your news gets attention. I also can create a list of industry publications to send your news.

Publication Production

  • Management: I’m experienced in managing the production of print and online publications. This includes creating editorial calendars, soliciting content, writing articles, editing content and proofreading final products.
  • Redesign: I’ve been involved in the magazine redesign process twice. In both, I was an integral part in determining the best changes for better reach and to deliver content to the target audience. From doing preliminary research to making finishing design choices, I can help guide and complete a publication redesign.