Jessica is a true talent, and her excellent phrasing masterfully draws readers into her stories!

Jessica has the ability to take on a complex feature topic and create a wonderfully written article that our readers can easily understand and enjoy. As both a skilled author and Appalachian Trail enthusiast, she has been able to successfully connect with A.T. Journeys magazine’s reading audience through her assignments. She is also able to easily connect with members of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s leadership, long-time and heavily-respected volunteers, and others who work within the multifaceted system that supports, protects, and preserves the Appalachian Trail. Her work is always delivered on time, if not early, and in a clean format that requires very little editing – making life on a busy non-profit editor much easier. I highly recommend her as a freelance writer as well as a skilled proofreader.

Jessica is one of my favorite writers to work with. When covering complex topics, she breaks them down into content that’s easy to read. She always turns her work in on time and often ahead of deadline. She writes excellent stories and the copy is always clean — an editor’s dream!

Jessica Porter brings a fresh and clean perspective to any editorial topic. Her writing and editing skills are top-notch and she can handle any editorial assignment always meeting a deadline.

My company, MagazineXperts, employs a number of freelance writers and editors in our business. I’ve been working with Jessica Porter in this capacity for almost two years now. In addition to the occasional freelance or editing assignment, Jessica is responsible for soliciting, editing and writing the copy for Construction Executive’s Managing Your Business newsletter. This is no small job, as CE Managing Your Business (MYB) is published 2x each month with 24 issues a year. Each MYB issue features 6 to 7 articles written for construction business owners and managers. That’s 12 to 14 articles that Jessica is responsible for delivering every single month. In the last two years, she has never once missed a deadline and the copy that we get is top drawer. I would strongly recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a first-rate freelance writer and editor. She’s very dependable and extremely capable.

I have worked with Jessica on a number of projects. She is accommodating, willing to go the extra mile and sincere in her efforts to make sure her clients are taken care of to the best of her ability. Freelance work requires a person who is disciplined and dedicated; Jessica is both. She is talented and willing to work outside her comfort zone. I do not hesitate to work with her for any project, she provides excellent quality work.