Don Berry, CEO, MagazineXperts

My company, MagazineXperts, employs a number of freelance writers and editors in our business. I’ve been working with Jessica Porter in this capacity for almost two years now. In addition to the occasional freelance or editing assignment, Jessica is responsible for soliciting, editing and writing the copy for Construction Executive’s Managing Your Business newsletter. This is no small job, as CE Managing Your Business (MYB) is published 2x each month with 24 issues a year. Each MYB issue features 6 to 7 articles written for construction business owners and managers. That’s 12 to 14 articles that Jessica is responsible for delivering every single month. In the last two years, she has never once missed a deadline and the copy that we get is top drawer. I would strongly recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a first-rate freelance writer and editor. She’s very dependable and extremely capable.